Tbilisi Transport Problems to Undergo Thorough Research Analysis

TBILISI – A survey will be conducted in the Georgian capital Tbilisi from April to June to study the city’s chronic transportation problems.

The Municipal Development Fund, in cooperation with Tbilisi City Hall, will conduct the research and create a database that logs passenger flow and movement along the city’s transportation corridors.

Researchers hope the results will identify the main problems that grossly affect Tbilisi’s much-maligned public transportation network.

The 212,000 GEL (USD 94,000) project is funded by the Asian Development Bank and will be carried out by Georgian company Gorby, under the supervision of France’s Systra group.

According to the Municipal Development Fund, the study will show transportation system related information including, mobility, income-based transportation, age, employment status and type of transport.

According to data collected in 2014, one out of every three Tbilisi residents owns a car.

City Hall hopes the findings help solve the unrelenting traffic jams that plague the city’s drivers on a daily basis.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

12 April 2016 18:20