Bodyline: Fixed Price Model for the Tbilisi Beauty Business

The Georgian aesthetic clinic market is bursting at the seams, with options to satisfy every beauty desire and need at almost any price. Having got to the age when my age is starting to show, I thought it was time to look into what’s on offer. I quickly realized that price doesn’t always match quality. With that in mind, I got in touch with management at Bodyline to find out more.

Bodyline was established in 2009 and is the only aesthetic clinic in Tbilisi to offer an FDA-approved Alexandrite laser (it also offers a Korean manufactured diode laser which is able to detect and eliminate blond hair as well as dark- good for us fair-haired Brits!).

In 2013, Bodyline was rebranded and, aside from the visual and aesthetics updates of its six locations around the capital, it was also among the first to establish a fixed price system to fit the needs and demands of the current economy. No more paying-per-pulse for hair removal: now you pay per limb, regardless of how much work is needed to make you picture-perfect! The fixed price system made aesthetic treatment affordable for everyone in Tbilisi.

We spoke to Tamar Kikabidze, PR Manager of the chain of Bodyline aesthetic clinics, which, unlike many others, does seem to offer something unique. “We have fixed prices for everything,” Kikabidze told us. “Laser hair removal, cellulite reducing procedures or cosmetology services – it doesn’t matter, you don’t need to worry about the cost of what you are doing each time you go, as Bodyline has fixed prices on all its procedures- making it both competitive and available for the majority of the population. Our main aim is to be affordable for everyone.”

She gave an example of one of the most popular services in Bodyline – laser hair removal – which costs only 39 Lari large per body zone. “A few years ago, when laser hair removal first appeared on the Georgian market, it was a kind of luxury service and just a few people were able to use it. Now, everything has changed and everyone sees the possibility of being beautiful. Prices should be affordable so that even students, who have no stable income, are able to enjoy this service,” she said.

Nino Chumburidze, the manager of Bodyline, is based in America. It is from this location that the decision was made to use the American fixed price model and to introduce the well-known American brand South Seas spray tan, also FDA approved and used by many an American star.

Accordingly, Americans themselves became loyal partners in the business, providing Bodyline exclusively with high-class Polylase devices for laser hair removal – the only such machines in Georgia with an FDA license, which ensures a safe and painless procedure.

Bodyline also provides another in-demand service, cellulite reduction, with the unique VelaShape device, also coming exclusively and with an FDA license. Kikabidze explained that both these procedures are in high demand with women of all ages. “VelaShape in particular is something new for our market, but is well-known world-wide, so even Hollywood stars advertise it,” she claimed. “Experience has shown that, along with workouts, it gives an excellent result – effectively and safely contouring, shaping and slimming the body and firming problem areas in as little as four treatments.”

Bodyline also offers facial treatments using American preparations- Juvederm and Restylane fillers for biorevilitization, and mezotherapy.

This author is tempted!

Bodyline’s American partners constantly work to provide Bodyline with all the latest technical innovations and upgrades. “Due to the fact that we have such reliable partners who provide us with equipment at a reasonable price, we have an opportunity to offer competitive rates with no loss to business,” said Kikabidze. Moreover, their American colleagues visit Georgia twice a year to inspect and train staff, so Bodyline clients can always be confident about the quality of service and equipment they are getting.

Seven years since the first Bodyline clinic opened, Kikabidze says the fixed price concept has fully justified itself. Clients often have to make an advance appointment. In addition, during their regular special offers, all six Tbilisi branches of Bodyline are packed with happy clients. “Recently, we began to receive requests to open branches in other cities of Georgia. For example, we know that in Kutaisi there are very high prices for laser hair removal. Therefore, we are already planning to enter the regional market,” she said.

If you, like me, are encouraged by this news, get in touch with Bodyline.

Facebook: Bodyline Tbilisi

T: 2 306 306

Eka Karsaulidze & Katie Ruth Davies

14 April 2016 19:56