New Program to Promote Hazelnut Exports

Aiming to create a Georgian hazelnuts brand on the world market, the government has initiated a new program to help with the export, revenue growth and promotion of bio hazelnut production. The program foresees legislative regulations, promotion of education for entrepreneurs including harvesting methods with reduced waste, fertilization management and control of pests and diseases.

The hazelnut plantations in Georgia cover 44,000 hectares, and 75% of its production is exported. The revenues from hazelnut export are rising steadily. According to last year’s data, Georgia received $183 million from such exports, which is 10% more than in 2013. The Ministry of Agriculture notes that in 2013, hazelnut export revenues were estimated at $167 million, while in 2012 it was $84 million.

Furthermore, the new program also includes the establishment of special infrastructure such as laboratories in the regions, reclamation infrastructure for plantations, dryers and warehouses. The Georgian government promises to provide financial support for agro insurance and loss recovery.

Interested parties have the opportunity to engage in, and benefit from, preferential agro-credit, while the framework of the ‘Plant the Future’ program offers 70% reimbursement for seed costs and 50% for irrigation system costs.

18 June 2015 22:53