User Experience Expert Helps Georgians in Web and Mobile Application Developments

In the framework of the Google Business Group visit to Georgia, GEORGIA TODAY spoke with R. Caner Yildirim, User Experience Expert from Istanbul, Turkey, about Georgia’s potential in global mobile and web application development.

Tell us about the Google Business Group and its aims in coming to Georgia

The Google Developer Program is open for everyone. Google collect experts from around the world who are good in their own fields in different categories: Web, technology, Android, marketing, user experience and so on. User experience is very important for Start Ups as, if you don’t understand your users, you’re going to fail. There are numerous applications on the market and you have to be among the best of the best; you have to be different and also to meet modern standards.

What was your role in the latest event?

I’m here to deliver information about User Experience to Georgian Start Ups. The event aims to bring businessmen to developers and designers- developers and designers who tend to work alone, unsupported and uninvolved in the business side of things and businessmen who often understand little about the developer side of things. Google Business Group (GBG) tries to get them together and encourages them to work together. At the end of the two-day initial event, they were successfully project marketing. GBG then tries to collect information from all three parties to use for the common good.

What potential do you see in Georgia with regards to global trends and development?

Georgia is a small market to produce new products in but it has potential. If you want to test your product in a small market before going to the international market, then Georgia is an ideal place. But if you want to make money with your product, then no, due to its population. We will teach Georgian Start Ups the key points to improving their quality and how to be more competitive. Nine Start Ups have already come to me asking me to review their web and mobile applications and advise them what their products need in order to improve. One of them is an education program, another deals with how to sell traditional items in hotels and another is a cool virtual reality company whose existence here surprised me- it being the latest trend in the world.

Do you have high expectations?

Some of the Start Ups really have huge potential to head out to the global market and we are very happy to be helping them in this endeavor. We’ll be working together over the next month and later we’ll see the results.

Meri Taliashvili

18 April 2016 20:17