Why We Should All Ditch Traditional Advertising

In a world where everything is going digital, advertising serves as the pacesetter. The basics of PR has moved from TV channels and radio networks to Google, Instagram and Facebook. Why has digital advertising been so successful? What makes a great online ad? How often should we advertise via social media? These and numerous other questions were answered by GeoLab’s Information Manager, Lika Moshiashvili, during her lecture within the framework of GBG Tbilisi 2016.

“The main advantage of online advertising is the two-way communication with your customers, which is practically non-existent when it comes to television, radio and other media platforms. While one may get a live phone call feedback during transmission, the quantity will be much lower compared to the amount of comments and likes a social media post could get. Thus the advertiser knows who saw their advertisement and how they reacted,” explained Moshiashvili. This argument is convincing enough to understand why huge corporations like Dell and AT&T annually spend over a billion dollars on online campaigns. However, content needs to be up to par in order to create stability. “You can’t only rely on advertising. Ideally, your total organic reach should bring about as many viewers as your ads,” she added.

Moshiashvili also placed special emphasis on the importance of choosing an audience and explained how social media targeting has benefited many companies by delivering their message to a compatible listener. “The text should always be grammatically correct, short and easy to understand. You should always focus on what sets your product apart from the competition and whatever you do, always adjust it to local culture,” she concluded.

Visitors at GBG Tbilisi 2016 had the opportunity to find out even more about digital marketing, Google AdWords and project planning within the Tech Talk part of the event. While it ended on April 17, you still have the chance to further your knowledge in that direction by signing up to one of GeoLab’s courses, which include programming, 3D design, graphic design and much more.

Geo LAB is an innovation Laboratory for smart minds. It is open 24/7 for the development of different, interesting, useful and at the same time innovative ideas. Geo LAB is equipped with the latest technology and boasts the qualified help of the Geo LAB team.

The Information Technology Institute (an educational center) is a part of Geo LAB. Anyone who is interested in learning of programing a new product, or in creating a web or mobile application design can apply for three-month program at ITI.

Geo LAB has been functioning since May 6, 2015 and has already hosted 23 events and presentations.

Beqa Kirtava

18 April 2016 20:19