Women Tech at GBG 2016 - Exclusive with Ani Asatiani

GBG Tbilisi 2016 was divided into several sections; one of which was “Women Tech” – a series of lectures delivered by successful female programmers who have shattered many stereotypes and are now paving the road for future generations. GEORGIA TODAY obtained an exclusive interview with GeoLab’s lecturer, web developer Ani Asatiani, who delivered a special lecture within the framework of Women Tech and also served as the division’s organizer.

What is the main goal of Women Tech?

Women Tech aims to clear up the stereotype that men code better, and to encourage motivated students to pursue a career in computer sciences. You don’t have to get a major in programming to become a web developer; the message that we send to the youth of today is that it’s never too late to change directions and do what you’re truly interested in. I am a vivid example of this, I studied foreign languages and accidentally ended up in tech, but was so blown away by it that I decided to stay.

What advice would you give those who are interested in pursuing a career in computer sciences?

Hard work and dedication is necessary. Web developing is not exactly one of those professions which you can combine with another job. However, if you’re truly enthusiastic about it, then you have a chance to learn independently.

I think it would be a smart decision to start by learning about the history of the worldwide web. After that, there are numerous webpages where you can get hold of the basics, video tutorials are a great help as well. Don’t forget about theory either – knowing the exact terminology is important when it comes to problem-solving, as you’ll have the ability to quickly find solutions with the right keywords. And last but not least, there’s Codecademy.com where you’ll manage to gradually learn and create a website as the final step.

Overall, contrary to the popular belief, learning programming is not an extremely lengthy process. For example, here in GeoLab, students have the opportunity to learn all the basics in about three months and while you won’t become a true professional is such a short amount of time, you’ll get the knowledge you need to build upon.

The biggest pro of web programming is that the result is always quick and clear, when you write a code you have the chance to instantly see the outcome and assess it, which positively affects one’s motivation.

How would you evaluate the general state of computer sciences in Georgia?

I believe that right now Georgia is taking a gigantic step forward. The interest in this field is on the rise and there are many more possibilities today than ever before. I have a positive outlook on the local web world and I think that in about 5 years, our websites will be just as good as any foreign ones. Although there may not be a windfall of supreme Georgian websites, several local webpages have earned international accolades and are featured on many “best websites” lists, so the expectations are high.

Beqa Kirtava

18 April 2016 20:20