Government Promotes Georgia’s Filming Potential in India

Georgia’s Deputy Economy Minister Ketevan Bochorishvili visited India to present the ‘Film in Georgia’ project to leading local directors, producers and film-produced companies. The meetings were held to attract the big international player to Georgia’s film industry and to offer them favorable privileges and conditions.

During her visit, Minister Bochorishvili met representatives from 25 Indian film producing companies that each make about five films per year with a combined budget of more than 100 million USD. According to statistics, Bollywood produces about 500 films a year, while in the whole country various companies overall release about 3000 works.

Indians already considers Georgia a main potential partner for its ‘Film in Georgia’ initiative. At the end of 2015, Georgian authorities hosted Bollywood producer and director Abbas Mastan, who planned to start filming in the Kakheti, Adjara, Svaneti and Samtskhe-Javakheti regions.

After learning about the program, another renowned Bollywood filmmaker RajKumar Hirani is said to be “seriously considering” Georgia as the location of his new venture. He said he will visit the country soon to learn about the feasibility and potential Georgia offers as a filming location.

In addition, after meetings with Georgia’s Deputy Minister of Economy, Indian filmmakers said they were glad Georgia had launched the ‘Film in Georgia’ program and they would gladly work in Georgia in the future.

The Government launched the ‘Film in Georgia’ initiative, to develop the local film industry and get Georgia on the map as an international filming location, in July 2015. The initiative is part of the state program ‘Produce in Georgia’ which supports entrepreneurship and works to increase the country’s export potential. The program scheme offers international producers a cash rebate of 20-25 percent of expenses incurred in Georgia.

As well as enjoying financial benefits, the Government of Georgia aims to create a favorable working environment for producers by removing any bureaucratic obstacles that may occur during the production process.

Eka Karsaulidze

18 April 2016 20:22