Foreign Film Productions to Begin Shooting in Georgia

TBILISI – Several international film productions will begin shooting in Georgia as part of the current government’s Film in Georgia program that was launched in January.

The program offers benefits to local and foreign companies who want to use Georgia as a production site for their films. The government hopes that by introducing a cash rebate mechanism, major international film companies will be enticed to move their on-location operations to Georgia if they are guaranteed a 25 per cent reimbursement on their overall costs.

Film in Georgia is a part of the Georgian government’s ambitious Produce in Georgia program, which aims to support entrepreneurship and shore up the country’s export potential.

In addition to its stated goal of making the country an attractive place in Eastern Europe to film, the Film in Georgia program also hopes to develop the national film industry and capitalize on promoting the country as a top site for film production.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Sustainable development, Ketevan Bochorishvili recently visited India to present the Film in Georgia project to leading local directors, producers and film-produced companies. She said several Indian companies expressed interest in Georgia and production crews will start looking at various locations for filming in May.

The next similar public relations visit is planned to the United States on April 20-25.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas waller

21 April 2016 20:27