Georgia’s Technology Institute to be Fully Operational in 7 Years

TBILISI – Construction of Georgia’s Technology Institute will start in the nation’s capital Tbilisi on May 23.

The institute will include master’s and PhD programs and will conduct innovative research in physics, chemistry and biology; as well as mathematics, engineering and computer technology, according to the future institute’s official mission statement.

Construction of the institute will take up to seven years, the institute’s executive director, Temur Lomtadze, said. He added that similar such projects also were recently implemented in Italy and Austria, where the sites later become important treatment centers for patients.

The Technology Institute will be located on 24.000 hectares of land in Tbilisi’s Digomi district.

The project is fully funded by Cartu, a fund owned by Georgia’s eccentric oligarch and ex-prime minister, Bidzina Ivanishvili.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas waller

21 April 2016 20:31