Lived and Died for Tbilisi Zoo

Guliko Chitadze, who recently survived a tiger attack, fell victim to the devastating flood alongside her husband last Sunday morning as they tried to rescue the animals to which they had devoted 25 years of their lives. On May 27 Guliko was attacked by a tiger and as a result was forced to have her right hand amputated. As soon as she recovered from the tiger attack she returned to work and continued taking care of her beloved animals. People were often fascinated by the “assiduous woman with a heart of gold” who dedicated her life to the zoo, sleeping only four hours a day in order to feed the animals. Guliko’s friend wrote a letter, a ‘farewell’ to her friend: “ I want this day to be a dream and to disappear . I cannot believe that you are no longer alive. .. Now you are in a better world with your animals, rest in peace my dear friend, farewell.”

Nino Gegidze

18 June 2015 22:58