Post What You Say: Topishare Overcoming Hurdles of Other Social Networks

Have you ever struggled to write down exactly what you want to say and noticed it comes more natural when you just ‘say’ it? It is obvious that social networks are great for people who can write well, but not so much for those who are less confident in their writing.

The new social network Topishare, headquartered in Tbilisi, is the first social network to give you the possibility to record and post what you say instantly, next to regular text, picture, and video posting.

The idea for audio posting came from Topishare’s founder Rotem Peled (COO), who all her life had felt frustrated that she was unable to express herself well in writing due to her dyslexia.

“The only way you can express yourself on social media is by writing, and when I really had something to say about something, I couldn’t. Or it would take me forever. I got mad at myself, but it isn’t really my fault,” Rotem says. She realized that persons with disabilities have a major disadvantage in today’s most powerful way to connect, express yourself, and even find jobs.

So, how does audio-posting work?

It’s very simple. You can click on the record button (like you would on a picture icon if you want to share photos), record what you say, play it back –if you want, and press the publish button. Your audio post appears in the group as a regular post, and people can comment on it.

Besides audio-posting, the Topishare team is working hard to develop new features so everyone can share on Topishare.

“It’s not fair that a large part of the world’s population can’t use social networks because of the hurdles. But they have great things to say and we want to give all people a voice, and we will continue to work hard to make this possible,” Rotem says.

Topishare is the first social network globally to offer users the innovative audio-posting. The newly launched social network combines the power of social networks and the idea of forums, and was launched March 3rd. It currently has over 200 kingdoms, and a daily growing user base.

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Inge Snip

25 April 2016 20:15