Transcaucasian Hiking Routes to be Created in Georgia

TBILISI – Over the next five years, a network of hiking routes will be created that will cover the Caucasus region and connect more than 20 existing and upcoming national parks.

The Georgian National Tourism Administration, National Hiking Federation, Transcaucasian Trail Association (TCTA) and Agency for Protected Areas will be responsible for launching the project.

Hiking groups and volunteers will start paving trails and improving existing routes in Georgia’s mountainous Svaneti and Racha regions beginning this summer. The project aims to cover all three countries of the South Caucasus, with preparatory works for routes in Azerbaijan and Armenia to be launched at a later date.

The official launch of the project was announced at the opening of this year’s hiking season in western Georgia’s Tkibuli region, with 1,500 hikers from different parts of the country in attendance.

“The creation of a single hiking route will allow travellers to visit the beautiful nature of the Caucasus and learn about its great cultural diversity. This will enable people living in remote mountain regions to see the economic benefit of sensible tourism,” said Paul Stephens, executive director of Transcaucasian Trail Association.

The Transcaucasian Trail Association is a non-profit based in Washington D.C. The organization works to protect the region's natural heritage and develop environmentally sustainable tourism.

By Ana Akhalaia

Edited by Nicholas Waller

Photos by Alex Aptsiauri

26 April 2016 22:21