Pick a Quote! Shakespeare and Rustaveli Meet in Georgia

This year is the 400th year since the death of William Shakespeare and the 850th since the birth of the Georgian genius Shota Rustaveli. To celebrate, the British Council in Georgia has decided to pay tribute to these two great names through a number of interesting events. The series was opened on Shakespeare’s birthday and death day – 23rd of April, at Art Palace (the State Museum of Theatre, Music, Cinema and Choreography). One of the main aims is to expand awareness of Shakespeare in Georgia and of Rustaveli in the UK. We spoke to Maia Darchia the Manager of the Program of Arts for the British Council in Georgia to find out more.

“This project marks the legacy of the two geniuses Shakespeare and Rustaveli. Everyone knows about Shakespeare, whose works are timeless and relevant today but few may know that Rustaveli, born in the 12th century, is as iconic for Georgian people as Shakespeare is for the English people.”

The British Council launched one of the most important parts of the project – an online survey of the most popular quotes of Shakespeare and Rustaveli. It is bilingual and anyone interested can vote for their favorite quote at www.britishcouncil.ge/shakespeare-and-rustaveli

Giorgi Kalandia, Director of the Art Palace, said: “In my opinion, this is a very interesting project. In the fascinating history of our palace museum, I cannot recall such an event. Shakespeare and Rustaveli are two geniuses who were not personally acquainted with each other, but their creative works and values, their taste and literary language, are tightly connected. We hope to increase awareness of the two great writers, and their similarities, in both Georgia and the UK and I believe the artists themselves will aid us in this and will speak for themselves.”

The project is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, together with the Art Palace museum, Georgian National Book Center, Tbilisi State Arts Academy, European School, Tbilisi City Hall, and David the Builder University. One of the main goals is to connect the younger generations with these remarkable creators through joint efforts.

Dea Metreveli, Director of the Georgian National Book Center, which supports the project, said, “It’s a great pleasure for us to be a part of this very important initiative, especially because the younger generations are involved. We expect great and fearless ideas from them.”

The vote for your favorite quote is on until May 15. Keep your ears open for the next stage of the project, soon to be covered in GEORGIA TODAY.

Maka Lomadze

28 April 2016 21:51