Ramazzotti in Tbilisi – First Concert of ‘Check in Georgia’

On April 24, the world-famous Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti performed for a Georgian audience at Sports Palace, mesmerizing the representatives of all generations with his very unique vocal, ultramodern show and 10-piece band within a Perfetto World Tour mega-production.

This is the success story of a man who, born in the suburbs of Rome, has joined the top 10 highest-selling artists in sixty countries worldwide where he sold 60 million copies.

As Mikheil Giorgadze, Georgian Minister of Culture said at the press conference, the ‘Check in Georgia’ project aims to promote tourism in Georgia, as well as to make it a cultural hub and thus boost Georgian entrepreneurship.

Antonio Bartoli, Italian Ambassador Plenipotentiary and Extraordinary to Georgia, greeted his compatriot singer: “I am extremely happy that Eros is in Tbilisi. I am here both as his fan and as the ambassador. Sometimes, we envy these great artists as they can awaken such strong emotions in us. His songs remind us of certain moments from our lives. I believe he is a real ambassador of the Italian creativity.”

The opening of the concert was something special, with an angular 3D animation of Eros’s face, proudly displaying the marks of time. Eros performed together with splendid international band - remarkable saxophonist Joe Leader, his close friend Luca Scarpa on piano, Giovanni Boscariol on keyboards, Giorgio Secco on guitar, Thomas Pridgen on drums, Paolo Costa (bass), Christian Pescosta (percussions), Monica Hill and Roberta Montanari (back vocals), and the legendary Phil Palmer (guitar) – a long-time sideman of Eros who has also played with such luminaries as Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa and Robbie Williams.

It might have seen simple, and truly, it was without extra effects and staging maneuvers, but if we note the organizers’ words, this was a distinguished show with the most advanced technology in Georgia ever, on a par with the most prestigious international productions.

Eros Ramazzotti once again proved that he is a real professional in terms of attitude, performing manner, cordial interaction with the audience, and no falseness at all. The show was ample with surprises for the public: the artist pushed the grand-piano by some strength, and then polished its legs… Humor was also there… only afterwards starting to play. Hits like Piu Bella Cosa, Piu Che Puoi, Se Bastasse Una Bella Canzone, Musica e and many other songs were heard by 6000 people – in biggest closed concert space for Georgia so far – which was packed. The artist gave all his heart, offering a two-hour program non-stop full of vigor and Southern temperament.

GEORGIA TODAY spoke to Anri Jokhadze, famous Georgian singer, just after the show: “He is a professional who performed several hits and some very good songs that I liked immensely. The main thing is that the people enjoyed it. I always approve of such professionals coming to Georgia.”

For Manana, who chose not to give us her surname, it was a dream come true: “I lived in Germany for two years. Ramazzotti was a frequent guest there. However, each time, I put off going to his concerts. I never imagined that he would come to Georgia. I am very happy”.

Ramazzotti, who has performed with Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, Tina Turner, Cher, and others, is proud that he has remained a modest guy. He expressed hope that this is not his first and last visit to Georgia. It is planned to make a documentary about Eros Ramazzotti’s trip here that will be screened on Italian channels in summer. Meanwhile, Georgians and Tbilisi dwellers can look forward to Robbie Williams, Maroon 5 and Jose Carreras in the framework of ‘Check in Georgia.’

Maka Lomadze

28 April 2016 21:52