Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi Introduces Georgia to Golf Culture

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi has expanded the range of services offered by its Recreation Center ‘Be Pure’ and has presented the first virtual 3D golf simulator in Georgia, available from May 1. The golf simulator will be available to everyone and gives a unique opportunity for beginners to get acquainted with the sport and for those skilled golf-lovers to keep their hand in during their stay.

Hotels & Preference offers two 3D golf simulator rooms, each of which can host four players. The hotel offers an advanced model of the Cougar brand simulator, which has 100 different golf courses from across the globe, a weather change option and the chance to choose between playing the whole game or to focus on a particular skill.

The simulator also helps beginners to move forward during the game, advising which clubs to use as they approach a hole. “Of course, it can’t teach you the technique and how to hit, but it helps you to learn the basics of the game,” said Petter Lillvik, General Manager of Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi.

Currently, golf is not so popular in Georgia, with most of the population unaware how to play it. But Lillvik believes that golf is popular all around the world and that this country has great potential to also “get hooked” on the game. “I think our golf simulator will be in high demand among our foreign guests. However, one of our main goals is to make it interesting for Georgians. For this purpose, I think we’ll arrange some trainings, bring people here and show them how to play. If you try it at least once, you’re almost sure to get addicted,” said Lillvik.

Lillvik highlighted that Georgia is at an early stage in terms of golf, with the sole course located an inconvenient 1.5 hours from Tbilisi. In addition, golf is an expensive sport. If you have never tried it before, you have to buy or rent all the equipment: bag, gloves, clubs, balls, shoes etc., which involves additional costs. While in Hotels & Preference, you just need to come, pay only 30 Lari for an hour, and enjoy the game.

In recent years, indoor golf simulators have become very popular in Northern Europe, Asia and many other regions, where most of the year it is rainy or snowy, but where people still need to practice. “Modern technologies and this kind of 3D simulator create the atmosphere of a real presence on the course. You are in nature and can even hear birds singing. Here, as on a real course, you can forget all your stress, because you are concentrated only on the game. Golf by nature is very interesting, demanding and challenging,” noted Lillvik.

The General Manager also suggested that it could become a great option for spending time with friends and family. “Golf is very universal sport. Many sports have age barriers, but golf you can play with your four-year-old child or a 99-year-old grandparent. It suits everyone and is very relaxing. Try it once and you’ll see why people are so passionate about it,” he added.

Eka Karsaulidze

02 May 2016 16:57