Dog Shelter Director Bemoans Lack of Help from Mayor

Tamaz Elizbarashvili, director of a dog shelter, has claimed that he was not offered practical help from the Tbilisi Mayor, Davit Narmania.

Speaking on the TV show “Reaction” he said: “The mayor Davit Narmania is lying when he says I was offered some important things for my family and a new shelter for my dogs by Government.”

“Open your eyes and see the reality. After 9 pm there is no chance to do any earthwork. I have to do it by myself. Do you think if there were any helping hands I could refuse them? My home and store houses are destroyed, Svaneti Street’s destroyed, everything’s flooded and you’re telling me I refused help? There was only an offer by Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, not from the Mayor,” he added.

20 June 2015 12:31