Learn about Georgian Cine Culture with the Monthly Expat CineClub

In January a small group of movie fans from different countries who are living in Tbilisi decided to launch the Tbilisi CineClub. The main aim was to get a deeper understanding about Georgian culture and to get familiar with the best Georgian movies.

Thanks to a Former director of the Georgian National Film center, Nana Janelidze, and thanks also to the generosity of film directors, it was possible to fulfil this dream.

CineClub leaders Nonna Sagaan Gubler (responsible for relations with directors and protagonists) and Tobi Walsh (responsible for administration and venue) have been arranging unforgettable movie evenings since January- four such meetings and screenings at CineClub to date: “In bloom” by Nana Ekvtishvili (presented by David Vashadze from the Georgian National Film Center), “Tangerines” (director Zaza Urushadze presented the film), “Will there be a Theater up there?” (director, Nana Janelidze) and “Line of credit” by Salome Alexi (with main actress Nino Kasradze).

From May 17, Tbilisi CineClub plans to have monthly movie evenings at Amirani cinema with the kind support of Movie Distribution LTD. On Tuesdays or Mondays, movie fans will be able to watch the best Georgian movies and Georgian creative documentary films. After each screening, the film director, protagonist, producer or film critic will answer questions from the audience. It’s a great chance to get to know Georgia in a deep, interesting and entertaining way.

The next filming to take place, on May 17, 7 pm, consists of two short films. The first, the 30-minute-long ‘Buba,’ is a film from the first female Georgian director Nutsa Ghoghoberidze (1930, without dialogue but with Russian and English subtitles). The story weaves a folkloristic tale of 1930s Racha.

The second film “Felicita” is a 40-minute film of Salome Alexi, granddaughter of the director (Salome’s mother Lana Ghoghoberidze is also a famous Georgian director). The story tells of a woman who is illegally working in Italy. Her husband dies in an accident and she is unable to attend his funeral.

Salome Alexi and Lana Ghoghoberidze will join CineClub after the screening for a discussion.

New movie fans are very welcome!

Tickets cost 3 GEL and can be purchased in Amirani Cinema and on kinoafisha.ge.

Iveta Gedvilaite

12 May 2016 18:57