Enjoy Immortal Painter Lado Gudiashvili during his 120th Birthday Celebration

This year Georgia is marking the 120th anniversary of one of the greatest names of local fine arts, one of the founders of the Georgian rich art school, Lado Gudiashvili. A series of exhibitions are planned this commemorative year, the first of which was opened on May 5 at his namesake exhibition hall near Kashueti Church off Rustaveli Avenue.

The initial exposition represents his painting and graphic works completed in the 1940s.

“Throughout the year people will have the chance to visit four exhibitions depicting different creative periods of the great painter,” said Mikheil Giorgadze, Minister of Culture and Monument Protection at the opening. “It would be no exaggeration to say that Lado Gudiashvili is one of the founders of the contemporary Georgian arts. His creative heritage is our national treasure.”

“The huge heritage that Gudiashvili left us deserves appropriate appreciation and esteem. Therefore, Tbilisi City Hall is actively involved not only in fulfilling this project but also in ensuring that as many Georgians as possible are invited to see these pictures. We should bring our children, too, to get them get acquainted with these works from early age,” said Davit Narmania, Tbilisi Mayor.

Nani Bregvadze, a well-known Georgian female singer, said, “I remember how Lado took a picture of me, as a part of a series, wearing clothing of different epochs. He left such a mark on this series that I cannot claim it as my own. I’m happy to be able to say I’ve met a great number of really interesting figures in my life, among whom Lado Gudiashvili stands out.”

Buba Kikabidze, a very colorful Georgian singer and actor who played in Giorgi Danelia’s film ‘Don’t Worry’ in which Gudiashvili himself dances most impressively, said, “He was a very quiet and innocent man. I am lucky to be able to say I lived during his lifetime, even getting to speak to him once or twice.”

“Lado Gudiashvili belongs to those persons who have a big influence on a society and its spiritual life,” said Zurab Nizharadze, a well-known painter. “He simultaneously belongs to the East and the West, i.e. he is a bearer of a purely Georgian phenomenon. In his creative works a particular system of values is found that corresponds to our history, our present and future. Viva Lado Gudiashvili’s immortal art!”

Lado Gudiashvili’s works are a must-see. Especially keeping in mind that some consider it a miracle his works survived to this day. During the commonly known hijacking of an airplane in the 1980s (on which is based Dato Turashvili’s book ‘Jeans Generation’), when a group of Georgian youth tried to escape through the Iron Curtain as a sign of harsh protest to the Soviet rules, Gudiashvili’s only grand-daughter, one of the hijackers, was pardoned when Lado’s daughter threatened to destroy all the heritage of her talented father. It is thanks to this moment that Georgia got to keep this unique art treasure.

The next exhibition will showcase Gudishvili’s painting and graphic works of the 1950s and will take place from June 22 to October 25. Only graphic works will be on display during the third exposition that is planned for November 1 to November 15. The final exhibition, scheduled for December 1-30, will enable viewers to see the works of his final creative period.

The first exhibition will last until June 19.

Address: Lado Gudiashvili Street 11

Opening Times: 11:00 to 18.30 daily except Mondays and official holidays

Ticket Price: 5 Gel, 3 Gel for students and pensioners, Free for children under 6

Maka Lomadze

12 May 2016 18:57