KEUNE Advises Georgian Female Politicians How to Get the Right Look

The right look can mean not only a favorable impression on society, but also says a lot about the character, values and aspirations of the individual. Getting the right look is especially important for public figures and politicians. Within the ‘Women Can Run the Country: Support for Gender Sensitive Local Governance’ project, implemented by Georgian Municipal Service Providers’ Association (MSPA) supported by the UN Joint Program for Gender Equality in Georgia and funded by the Swedish Government, Beauty Salon – Studio KEUNE held a workshop for 20 female representatives of the Municipal Council (Sakrebulo) to inform them of self-care rules and correct representation in public.

In an interview with GEORGIA TODAY, marketing manager of Keune, Mariam Kipshidze, said that in Georgia, as well as throughout the world, there are no generally accepted rules on how a female politician women should look, meaning that they have to be guided by international practice and experience.

Beauty Salon – Studio KEUNE offered hair, hand and nail care advice to the workshop attendees. “Hair should not be too long; it is better to have a short or medium-size classic cut. If possible, it should always be tied back,” said Kipshidze regarding hairs styles for female politicians.

During official speeches, the main emphasis must always be on what the politician says, so no details, especially on the face, should distract the audience from the words of the speaker. This is especially important while shooting for television, when the cameras always focus more on the face.

However, Kipshidze said that during the informal meetings, female politicians can afford to be more relaxed and let their hair down, for example. “It is important not to make their image too monotonous,” she added.

Representatives of Beauty Salon – Studio KEUNE also advised the attendees to pay attention to their hands, as they are an important element of body language. “Hands are among the first things an audience notices, so female politicians should always look after them. Our salon advises not to have too long or too pointy nails, on the contrary, they should be short with a French manicure or painted with simple colorless varnish to demonstrate discretion- most suitable for a politician’s image,” Kipshidze noted.

In the framework of the workshop that took place in Beauty Salon – Studio KEUNE on May 6-7, women were not only acquainted with useful tips and trends from the leading professional cosmetic brands KEUNE Haircosmetics (Holland), LCN (Germany) and SOSKIN (France) in 2016, but were also able to try new images created for them by the salon’s professionals. Beauty Salon – Studio KEUNE claims that the workshop will help to support the new daily images of the women who attended.

“Since there are no generally accepted standards about a politician’s image, we gave our women only recommendations. However, if they decide to follow them, then we’re sure it will have a positive impact on their political lives. After all, the right image emphasizes the political, social and aesthetic values of a person,” said Kipshidze.

Eka Karsaulidze

16 May 2016 19:52