Georgian Painter's Work to be Sold at Sotheby's Auction

Famous Georgian artist Avto Varazi’s painting named Fish has been featured on Sotheby’s website and evaluated between 12,569 and 18,854 EUR.

As a rule Sotheby’s provides valuations for all works of art, from large collections to single items, which normally are included at auction.

The Georgian painter’s artwork represents a collage on board performed using oil, plaster and various materials.

The painting is dated 1976 on the reverse and is included in the list of 209 works titled Contemporary East.

Varazi occupies a special place in Georgian painting of the 20th century. He applied various painting systems and techniques with equal success.

Varazi was the first among Georgian artists to apply the technique of collage. It is noteworthy that religious motifs were also often represented in Varazi’s works, which was quite unusual for a painter of the Soviet period.

The fact that Varazi’s painting is on display at Sotheby’s and his works are spread among world museums is yet another proof that Georgian artist is internationally recognized.

Source: Georgian Journal

Photo: FISH by Avto Varazi

17 May 2016 11:18