CNN's Anthony Bourdain Raises Glass for Georgia During Traditional Feast

Renowned chef, bestselling author and multiple Emmy-winning television personality Anthony Bourdain travels across the globe featuring little-known destinations and diverse cultures on his CNN show “Parts Unknown”.

"Here is how our typical Supra works. It’s more formal than it looks. Customs must be observed. Certain rituals must be performed. Proceedings are laid by a Tamada (toast master) or often the head of the house, always the guy with the best rhetorical skills and the guy best able to stay sober when all around him are not, because there is a lot of drinking in the Supra," Bourdain says while narrating the show.

As CNN reports, he tucks into a supra, but can he keep up with the required drinking?

Source: Georgian Journal

23 May 2016 11:26