Georgia Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Independence from Soviet Union

TBILISI – Georgia will mark 25 years since it regained its independence from the Soviet Union with a great deal of fanfare.

To mark the event a major public celebration will take place on the capital Tbilisi’s main Rustaveli Avenue and at the adjoining Freedom Square.

Most of central Tbilisi will be closed to traffic as booths and kiosks highlighting Georgia’s various civic and historical accomplishments replace the city’s cars.

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An official ceremony will kicks off at 12pm on where members of the Georgian military and guests from the American and British armed forces will take part in a parade.

Military equipment including the US’ M1 Abrams tank and Bradley fighting vehicle that were recently used in the NATO-Georgia Noble Partner exercises will be displayed on the square.

Events planned for Independence Day: 

  • A Flower Festival will be held from 11am to 9pm at Freedom Square; 
  • Pantomime street performances will take place from 12-12.40pm, 3-3.40pm and 6-6.40pm at Freedom Square, Rustaveli Ave and Rose Revolution Square; 
  • An exhibition of historical artifacts will be held from 12-5pm at Rustaveli Theatre;
  • Street theatre performances will also take place from 2-2.30pm on Rustaveli Ave.


26 May 2016 12:17