App to help farmers to be launched in September

Traktor, an online and mobile application for farmers in emerging markets that is currently under development by Elva, competed in an important startup competition in The Netherlands on Wednesday 25 May and Thursday 26 May.

In the Netherlands, a weeklong event, Startup Fest Europe, has attracted top American businessmen, including Tim Cook from Apple, Eric Schmidt from Google, and Travis Kalanick from Uber.

Throughout the country, there are numerous events being held for startups. Traktor is participating in two events in Wageningen and The Hague. In Wageningen, 20 startups that are active in food and agriculture presented their ideas to a group of international investors.

In The Hague, Traktor is also among 20 startups that pitched their ideas to investors.

Traktor is planned to be released in September this year, and will be free to use by farmers and businesses throughout the country. Traktor is a pioneering mobile platform that will provide farmers with training videos on a range of different crops, advanced weather data, agro-consults by local agricultural experts on problems they face on the farm, and a crop calendar: a personalised schedule showing when best to plant, irrigate and harvest their crops.

The team behind Traktor also leads Elva, an IT development agency based in Tbilisi. Traktor works with a growing number of organizations. In particular, Traktor maintains a close partnership with Mosavali, a non-profit initiative of Elva to produce and disseminate educational content on agriculture in Georgia.

On June 16 up to 10 developers from Google will assist Elva’s team in developing and tuning specific components for Traktor.

30 May 2016 19:24