Happy Victory Day to All Estonians!

Georgia Today would like to wish all Estonians a happy Victory Day!

Commemorating the 1919 Estonian victory in the Battle of Cēsis, Victory Day is celebrated annually on June 23rd. The Battle of Cēsis  (also known as Võnnu) was a decisive battle in the Estonian War of Independence.

Following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, Estonia proclaimed its independence in February 1918 despite the fact of it being unrecognized by either Soviet Russia or the German Empire. As a result, the Estonian War of Independence was fought on June 19—23, 1919, near the town of Cēsis (or Võnnu). The Estonian forces were supported by the 2nd Latvian Cēsis Regiment and together they forced back the pro-German forces to Riga, Latvia.

The anniversary of the battle of Cēsis was first declared a public holiday in 1934 but the celebration was discontinued during Soviet occupation, until its re-establishment in 1992 following the collapse of the USSR.

To celebrate the day, the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia, H.E Mr. Priit Turk, and Defence Attache LTC, Teet Kivisson, plan to have a closed celebration at the Tbilisi Sea Club this evening.

You will find full coverage of the event in this week’s issue of Georgia Today newspaper.

23 June 2015 11:05