UK Walmart Does a Deal for Georgian Blueberries

Blueberry producers "Vanrik Agro" in the Municipal District of Laituri, Guria, Western Georgia, first began selling their produce in Europe earlier this year. The latest news is that UK-based supermarket chain Walmart will also now also be purchasing its blueberries from Georgia. The UK market joins the Dutch, Armenia and Balkans as eager purchasers of the Georgian blueberry.  

This was achieved thanks to the fact that Vanrik Agro, through the state-owned JSC Partnership Fund project for the agricultural sector "Global Gap," qualified for a certificate guaranteeing that the quality of its product and the technology used to produce, pick and pack it are in line with European standards.

Vanrik Agro, established in 2011 on 50ha of land, offers permanent full-time employment to 100 workers but this is expected to increase to 1,000 workers on a seasonal basis. The Partnership Fund has invested for an additional 70 acres of blueberry plantation, bringing its total investment in blueberries to 6.5 million USD.

"The project is focused on building the export capacity of enterprises. Such activities will contribute to attracting Foreign Direct Investments in Georgia,” said Archi Paichadze of Vanrik Agro, adding that it is his wish to also provide for the local market.

23 June 2015 15:24