Red Cross to Start International Fundraising for Tbilisi Flash Flood Victims

The Georgian Red Cross Society (GRCS) has initiated a fundraising campaign for the population affected by the disaster of 13-14 June 2015 through the platform “Ammado”. Individuals as well as companies who wish to support the affected population are invited to visit the official site of the Georgia Red Cross Society , as well as its facebook page “Georgia Red Cross Society”, where you will be directed to “Ammado” page set up for this particular cause:

“Ammado” is a unique donation platform offering online fundraising and donation services to nonprofits and companies. Facilitating donations in over 75 currencies, 20 payment methods and numerous languages, it is the first ever truly global donation platform and is recommended by the Red Cross and Red Crescent International Federation, Doctors without Borders and UNHCR as an effective instrument for fundraising. Recently ”Ammado” developed the launching of a transparent, global tax-efficient fundraising campaign that can implemented within minutes after a disaster for the purpose of instant monetary support for the affected population. People who donate can also follow the development of a campaign through access to details of contributors and the amount donated. All donations made through “Ammado” will be transferred to Georgia Red Cross Society once a month.

According to the President of the Georgia Red Cross Society, Natia Loladze, “Ammado” is the most effective platform for fundraising due to its transparency. “GRCS organized a charity campaign during the week of 8-14 May 2015, the “Grocery Basket 2015” with the support of the Hypermarket network Goodwill and Tbilisi City Hall. The campaign supported citizens living below the poverty line with the one-time provision of products. This was the debut of “Ammado” as a platform for a cause in Georgia. We had a donation box as usual, but Ammado contributed to the campaign significantly.”

According to international regulations there is a “Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct for Red Cross and Red Crescent Fundraisers“, as well as a “Disaster Relief Emergency Fund/ DREF“, which ensure the rapid reaction for the purpose of eliminating disaster results.

The flash flood of 13-14 June 2015 in Tbilisi resulted in the deaths of 19 individuals and 3 are still missing. Several hundred people were left homeless. They are in a temporary housing and are in need of clothes, medication and items of hygiene. 

25 June 2015 17:59