Make Your Business Look GOOD on the WEB

If you are reading this article in the newspaper, we can almost guarantee that in about 25 years you won’t be. A couple of decades from now you’ll probably have forgotten what it feels like to flick through pages, as you’ll be scrolling down the articles of Georgia Today on your e-reader, while trying to get rid of the flashy advertisements and “subscribe to us” pop-ups. Why? Because businesses are becoming digital, or more specifically, the world is becoming digital. Therefore, the importance of looking great on the web cannot be exaggerated. Unfortunately, even today, having a state-of-the-art website in Georgia is associated with significant wealth. That said, a company named GoodWeb is here to shatter that anecdata and turn your business into a digital tour de force.

To talk about the enterprise, its aims and future plans, Georgia Today exclusively interviewed GoodWeb’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Sergo Avsajanishvili.

Q: Firstly, please give our readers some general information about the company. How did the idea of creating GoodWeb emerge?

A: GoodWeb is an internet marketing company, which strives to effectively create and develop websites, while also solving numerous PR-related issues, using every single internet marketing method available.

Our company’s strategic development of complex promotion aims in three major directions:

* Sales increase

* Business reputation boost

* Brand popularization

It’s common knowledge that businesses which have their own websites boast constantly increasing sales figures and, more importantly, are accessible to their clients 24/7.

According to numerous studies, mostly large-scale Georgian businesses are well-represented on the World Wide Web. Reasons why small and middle sized enterprises tend to avoid going digital varies, however, there are several distinguishable factors:

· Price – developing a personal website usually costs over 1000 GEL;

· Time – the design and development process is very time-consuming;

· Lack of IT knowledge, which is crucial for correct planning of both website functionality and technical aims;

· Not quite hassle-free administrative panels that are often offered for use.

This is exactly how the idea of creating GoodWeb emerged; aspiring to support small and middle sized businesses, boost their status and solve their economic issues.

Q: Please give us a quick overview of the services GoodWeb offers its clients.

A: Firstly, it has to be noted that our clients are provided with a full array of web services. We are able to bring any business into the digital world in the shortest amount of time possible, as we value our clients’ time very much.

We provide:

* A professional website in 1 day

* Design/Change of design

* Corporate email service

* Unlimited traffic

* Mobile and tablet versions of the webpage

* Free sub domain (

* SEO (search engine optimization)

* Technical support

* Software support

* Web hosting

Q: Do you only provide websites for small and middle sized businesses or do you also work with large corporations? If you do, how do you adjust your services to their needs?

A: We tailor our services to the needs of any type of customer. However, because of the existing situation, we mostly aim to support small and middle-sized businesses.

Each and every one of our clients is provided with individual manager service, which enables us to approach issues from the right angle and modify our offers so that they meet customers’ expectations. The consumer chooses one of the existing webpage designs and then our team performs the initial setup, after which the aforementioned person is able to make any type of alteration, including design change, content modification and editing/adding photo-video material.

Q: What would you say your main advantage is over the competition?

A: Today there are quite a lot of web developing companies on the Georgian market, but GoodWeb stands out from the crowd with its flexibility and exquisite service. Our company doesn’t provide businesses with just the initial setup of websites; we offer a full range of services which includes every important aspect of internet marketing. Our three main features which set GoodWeb apart from the competition are:

* Time

* Price

* Quality

Furthermore, all our clients are automatically rendered with the latest upgrades that our packages undergo. For instance, research has shown that 85% of internet users often access the web from their smartphones and tablets, thus we have added mobile and tablet-compatibility features to our existing service packages and those users who became our clients before the aforementioned update happened were nonetheless provided with mobile and tablet friendly websites.

Q: Lately, issues regarding cyber-security have become increasingly buzz worthy in Georgia. Do you ensure that the websites of your clients are protected?

A: Absolutely. We ensure maximum safety of our clients’ websites. We provide both hardware and software security systems as well as server protection.

The hardware section includes a special firewall and high-quality monitoring system, which helps us to quickly and effectively assess critical situations and keep an eye on the traffic flow. Moreover, our servers are constantly scanned, monitored and updated, which ensures further credibility and enables our team to instantly fix any shortcomings. As for the program code, it is written to provide topmost security and productivity. All the updates are also thoroughly tested to avoid any drawbacks.

Q: Lastly, what are your future plans? What new services will GoodWeb offer in the near future?

A: Our main goal is to help every single business in Georgia to take their work to a whole new level and, with GoodWeb’s services, make it accessible, distinguishable and inimitable.

We plan to make our service even more large-scale and provide our customers with new packages, upgrades and offers. We aim to please our consumers as much as we can and will instantly provide them with any interesting news regarding new projects.

Beqa Kirtava

25 June 2015 22:59