Car-free Tbilisi

This Sunday, 28th of June, is a day on which the Tbilisi environment will finally get to take a break from the usual endless traffic jams and careless driving. “Leave your car home for the day!” is the slogan of the day.

The idea itself consists of nurturing the environment and taking existing issues into consideration and the organizing team is planning to hold the event at least once every month. Their main purpose is to popularize the tradition of using much healthier ways for transportation, like bicycles, the metro or simply walking on foot. The specific dates of each event will be announced weeks before the actual day in hopes of people being motivated and ready to leave their cars at home and spread the word. Wide participation is the key to the future success of this concept, which is why the organizing team is working very hard to motivate everyone. They hope to introduce Tbilisi citizens to a new tradition to be called “Car Free Tbilisi”.

28th of June is the launch day for the said upcoming tradition and by the looks of it the campaign will see daylight. People who don’t have cars will automatically participate, of course. Now it’s up to drivers to leave their cars at home and give the city a break, even if just for a day.

David Lolishvili

25 June 2015 22:51