Greece Limits Withdrawal Funds ahead of Tomorrow's Debt Repayment

The Greek government has confirmed that banks will be closed throughout the week following a decision by the European Central Bank not to extend emergency funding.
Prime Minister of Greece, Alexis Tsipras, announced on Sunday that Athens and its creditors need to continue working toward a resolution to the debt crisis, on-going since 2009, ahead of a Greek referendum on 5 July. Athens is expected to make a €1.6bn payment to the IMF on Tuesday, the same day that its current bailout expires.
On its present timetable, the banks and stock market will remain closed during which time, reports say, customers will be permitted to withdraw a maximum $65 a day and that no cash can be moved abroad unless pre-approved. 
All over Athens people are queuing at cash machines, particularly outside National Bank branches as the National Bank supplies the banknotes and most other Greek banks, by midnight on Sunday, had already run out.
29 June 2015 11:38