Central Election Commission Updates Preliminary Results

UPDATE: The Central Election Commission updated preliminary data of the elections. According to the CEC out of 3702 polling stations, votes have been counted in 2686 ones, which composed 72.74 % of total votes. CEC data reveals that in the proportional elections GD received 49.55 percent of votes and the UNM has 26.63 percent.

Patriots Alliance has 4.95 percent, Free Democrats - 4.34 percent, State for People Coalition-3.52 percent, Nino Burjanadze-Democratic Movement 3.53 percent, Labor Party 3.1 percent, Davit Usupashvili-the Republicans-1.52, Topadze-Industrialists-0.81%, National Forum-0.69, Davit Tevzadze for Peace of Georgia- 0.22%, Tamaz Mechiauri for United Georgia- 0.17%, Georgian Idea- o.15%, Jondi Maghaturia-Georgian Dasi-0.12%.

TBILISI- The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia announced the new preliminary results of yesterday’s parliamentary elections at 9 am today.

According to the Chair of the CEC, Tamar Jvania, at present out of 3702 polling stations, votes have been counted in 2345, comprising 63.4 percent of total votes.

The CEC data reveals that in the proportional elections, ruling party Georgian Dream (GD) received 49.93 percent of votes and the main opposition party, United National Movement (UNM) received 26.7 percent.

Patriots Alliance has 4.88 percent, Free Democrats 4.13 percent, State for People Coalition 3.6 percent, Nino Burjanadze for the Democratic Movement 3.36 percent, Labor Party 3.04 percent, Davit Usupashvili for the Republicans 1.48 percent, Topadze Industrialists 0.84 percent, National Forum 0.66 percent, Davit Tevzadze for Peace of Georgia 0.22 percent, Tamaz Mechiauri for United Georgia 0.17 percent, Georgian Idea 0.15 percent, and Jondi Maghaturia for Georgian Dasi 0.12 percent.

According to the results, in Mtskheta, Sagarejo, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Zestaponi, the GD majoritarian candidates are leading, followed by UNM candidates.

In Khashuri, the majoritarian candidate of the Industrialists is leading at present, followed by the GD candidate.

Tamar Jvania also predicted that in many election districts a second round of elections might be needed.

The Adjara Supreme Election Commission (SEC) Chair, Parmen Jalagonia, also released the preliminary data of the Adjara Supreme Commission elections.

Jalagonia announced that votes have been counted in 182 polling stations and, according to the results, GD has 47.1 percent, UNM 28.8 percent, Patriots Alliance 5.5 percent, and Nino Burjanadze for the Democratic Movement 5.7 percent.

Votes at 166 polling stations in Adjara have yet to be counted.

By Thea Morrison

09 October 2016 10:40