US Ambassador Reaffirms US Support in Independence Day Reception Speech

US Ambassador Richard Norland delivered a speech at the US Embassy Independence Day reception in which he reminded Georgian people of the continuous support of the  US for Georgia:

"This is my last 4th of July as an US Ambassador to Georgia. I admire how far Georgia has come in building democracy, not only in the last 22 years since I first visited Georgia, but in last three years since Mary and I came to live here. I am conscious as we depart that Georgia still faces many challenges: an unstable regional security environment coupled with domestic and international economic and political uncertainties which the government, opposition and civil society must try to resolve. Today, the United States stands with Georgia as strongly as it did 24 years ago when you restored your independence. When your sovereignty and territorial integrity are questioned, we are with you. When floods come, we are with you. No matter where we are, Mary and I will always carry a little part of Georgia in our hearts. Sakartvelos Gaumarjos!"

Ambassador Norland wished all the best to Georgia and to its new US Ambassador, Ian Crawford Kelly who is set to arrive here in September.

“Ambassador Ian Kelly, my successor, and his wife Francesca, are looking forward to picking up this dynamic relationship where Mary and I leave it off,” said Ambassador Norland.

Richard Norland was appointed as a US ambassador to Georgia in 2012 and finishes his term this summer.
03 July 2015 12:33