Irakli Medzmariashvili: Olympism is a Philosophy of Life

On December 19, the presidential candidate of the National Olympic Committee of Georgia Irakli Medzmariashvili made a presentation at Holiday Inn hotel. The presentation was attended by many of the most outstanding names in Georgian society and sport.

Medzmariashvili presented an engaging program focusing on the development of Georgian Olympism, in which the need to attract sponsors, retrain coaches and referees, and create a medical and rehabilitation center for federation were highlighted. Further suggestions include improving sports management, teaching the history of Olympism in schools, and addressing the field of para-sports.

The presidential candidate also introduced his proposed cabinet, with Maya Azarashvili, a bronze medalist from Seoul, offered the post of General Secretary, and Roman Rurua, Merab Chiqobava, Zaza Khechuashvili, and Levan Gabrichidze all floated as Vice-President.

The election of the President of the Georgian National Olympic Committee will be held on December 23 at 12:00 in the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel.

22 December 2016 00:07