Parking for Electric Cars to be Free-of- Charge

Tbilisi - In order to promote the use of electric vehicles in Tbilisi, special free-to-use parking and charging spaces are being created across the city.

According to the head of the municipality’s Transportation Department, Mamuka Mumladze. the city council on December 26th resulted in some important changes to parking rules and practices. Special parking spaces have now been allocated for free use by electric vehicles, with charging stations for drivers to use while parked.

There are currently around 50 electric vehicles in Tbilisi. Two companies have expressed the wish to provide an electro-charging service. Mr. Mumladze said that City Hall will help the companies to select which locations can be rented out to each.

“As some locations have already been allocated for electric charging, companies want us to help them pick a location. Electro-Charging station companies will be created, which will provide the actual service for customers. We are already working on these issues. In particular, the company Gino Paradise has already applied to the City Hall. The company wants to lease these areas in order to provide service for electric vehicles,” Mr. Mumladze said.

A second company, m2, has also expressed interest.

By Natia Liparteliani

29 December 2016 12:50