German Media says 10 Georgians Detained for Burglary

Ten Georgians are reported among the 15 detained as a result of a large scale special operation carried out by police in Germany.

The German news agency reports that the detainees are between the ages of 26 and 38, and were arrested for burglary and theft.

600 law enforcers were involved in the special operations that seized the robbed items as a result of searching 35 apartments.

The detainees are currently in pretrial detention. Citizens of Latvia and Vietnam have also been arrested.

A spokesman for the German federal police said that this was one of the most large-scale operations in recent memory. According to him, the Georgians were mainly stealing drinks, cigarettes, coffee, children food and perfumes.  Four cars, a large amount of money and a small amount of drugs were also seized during the operation.

The Georgian embassy to Germany has already been informed. 


BY Thea Morrison


19 January 2017 14:04