Peace March for Women’s Rights in Tbilisi

Build Bridges Not Walls and Men of quality don’t fear equality are only two of the many slogans to be seen being held aloft on cardboard signs and hand-made banners by the colorful group of children, men and women of all ages who met on Saturday afternoon in front of Tbilisi Concert Hall to fight for women’s rights with the Women’s March Tbilisi.

Shouting their slogans, the peaceful group headed along the streets of Tbilisi to conclude the march in front of the old parliament building on Rustaveli with speeches made to the crowd gathered there. The main message of the speeches was: “We support equality, tolerance, and inclusion; we want the voice of the silent majority to be heard.“

Participants afterwards spoke of their pride in having taken part in such an important movement, and their great desire for their messages to be heard around the world, not least throughout this small country of Georgia.

This is not to be the last such gathering, as Inge Snip from the organizing committee has already announced plans for a number of events to be held over the next few years.

Woman’s March Tbilisi was part of a worldwide movement, begun in Washington DC, USA, where hundreds of thousands of Americans went to the street this Saturday, the day following the inuguration of US President Donald Trump. In total, it is believed that more people took part in the protest marches than attended the inauguration ceremony itself.

Manuela Kosch

Photo by Monica Ellena

23 January 2017 17:25