Washington Post: Unclear Regarding Georgia’s Current Stance?

“TBILISI, Georgia — in this fiercely pro-Western nation that fought a brief war with Russia in 2008, few thought the Kremlin could ever regain a toehold. But with the West backing away from Georgia’s path to the EU and NATO membership after a year of conflict in Ukraine, pro-Russian sentiments are on the rise.”

So wrote The Washington Post on 4 July.  

From the courtesy of reality, some western states can really be considered frightened, afraid of receiving a backlash from aberration with Russia, on Georgia and Ukraine. Yet this cannot be regarded as an authentic argument to prove that Georgian people have opted for Russia or that Russian nostalgia prevails here. Moreover, the author [of the Washington Post article] forgets Georgian youth, professionals and uncorrupt people, and the new generation in general, who see the West as an unalterable future path for Georgia.

“The former Soviet nation’s leaders are warning that Russia may yet prevail if Georgia is shut out from Western clubs. Wary of further provoking Russia, Western politicians have quashed talk of NATO and the European Union expanding eastward anytime soon. Russia has stepped into the vacuum, increasing its presence by opening Georgian-language outlets of its state-owned news network and deepening investments in the energy industry and other key sectors” – the article reads.

Further analysis by Georgia Today’s Zviad Adzinbaia in this week’sissue, out Friday. 

08 July 2015 21:23