Enviroserve Launches E-Waste Recycling Program in Georgia

Enviroserve, a Dubai-headquartered company operating in recycling e-waste, held a presentation yesterday announcing the launch of its electronic waste recycling program in Georgia. In partnership with the Caucasus Environmental Network (CENN) and the Waste Management Technologies in the Regions program (WMTR) and Ecovision’s Spare Project, Enviroserve plans to distribute e-waste collection boxes across the country, in easy-to-access locations, around Georgia’s major cities.

After collection, containerized scrap from the collection boxes will be shipped to Dubai for recycling. The final step of the process is for a “Green Certificate”, confirming the complete destruction of the e-waste, to be generated and sent to applicable ministries and other authorities. Enviorserve only entered Georgia this last December, and is now the seventh country in the company’s network.

 “It’s a call to action for Georgian citizens and for the companies to benefit from the program we’re launching, to have a healthier, greener Georgia. E-waste affects every one of us,” said Stuart Fleming, CEO of Enviroserve, presenting the goals and solutions the company plans to offer in Georgia. According to him, corporate social responsibility programs are an integral part of the company’s activities. Enviroserve has also let rumours spread regarding future developments aimed at creating safe recycling solutions for Freon gas, plastics, metals, and so on. If this took place in Georgia, it would represent a significant investment and step towards turning Georgia into a regional recycling hub. Enviroserve uses Swiss technology for recycling.

According to Fleming, e-waste or computer waste is the fastest-growing source of waste in the world, in addition to being the most toxic.

“We’ll be assisting Georgia in meeting EU directives on environmental controls,” he said.

During the presentation, Ekaterine Grigalava, Deputy Minister of the Environment Protection and Natural Resources of Georgia, stressed the importance of the new initiative, especially regarding the recycling requirements Georgia has to start complying with after signing the EU- Georgia Association Agreement.  

by Nino Gugunishvili

29 January 2017 14:12