The Sun: Foreign Boxers Fake Stats to Land Lucrative Fights with UK Champs

In an article written and investigated by Andy Jehring and GEORGIA TODAY's Tim Ogden, for The Sun, UK, it has been revealed that "nearly 100 British boxers may have faced foreign fighters with dodgy paperwork". Matchroom Boxing says it “rings real alarm bells”.

"Pro fighters from ex-Soviet bloc countries earn just £15 a fight at home — but can make up to £2,000 on the continent. Managers fudge paperwork to send boxers to Britain as punch bags, taking half the cash," The Sun told readers today.

The source, who could not be named over safety fears, told The Sun: “It's a scandal. Top fighters in Georgia are faking records to land fights with European boxers.”

A Georgian boxer told The Sun that only three of their home fights were real and they never had a medical check.

Questions have also been raised over fighters’ records from four other European countries.

"Our source claims the Georgian made up bouts on website to seal those fights," The Sun claims. And "Fights against Dereck Chisora and Dillian Whyte are among those alleged to have been hit by the scam."

The Sun spoke to BoxRec’s John Sheppard, who said that they are now asking Georgia and others for video evidence of bouts. 

"We only ask for videos if the commission is on the Naughty List. Georgia is on the Very Naughty List,” Sheppard told The Sun.

To see the full article in The Sun, click here.

Read more from Tim Ogden in Friday's GEORGIA TODAY.

By Katie Ruth Davies

26 February 2017 15:41