Tune in to OKFM!

OKFM 104.7 has entered the Georgian radio space with a much anticipated boom, and is set to be on air 24/7 providing listeners with tasteful music and a satisfying mix of interesting and entertaining news stories. The radio opened on July 8th. According to George Sharashidze, the founder of Radio OKFM, the information aired through it will be mainly based on celebrity news.

“We hope that OKFM will become a very popular radio station for Georgian listeners. The radio is contemporary in its format and so its listeners are also expected to be contemporary. Such an audience offers very attractive and interesting marketing potential for many organizations and advertisers,” said Sharashidze.

The editors at OK! Magazine, once again aiming to grab readers’ interest, have created a website for the magazine on which loyal readers will be able to get full information.

Nino Ioseliani, Editor-in-Chief of OK! Magazine took some time out from the opening ceremony, which was attended by a number of Georgian celebrities and public figures, to talk to Georgia Today: “Today, we are celebrating the radio OKFM’s opening. We have high hopes that the radio will be enjoyable for listeners and we’re confident it will become a favorite,” she said.

09 July 2015 22:33