Georgian Hazelnuts, Home and Abroad

Georgian nuts company "Georgian Products Renaissance (GPR)" exports its products- roasted and salted hazelnuts in shells to England, Bulgaria and Poland. 

This is the first certified nut factory, located in Khobi, Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti region. The factory is placed over 8000 square meters and is equipped with modern and imported machinery. The company's main products are: In-shell Hazelnuts, Raw Hazelnut Kernels, Snacks of Roasted & Salted Hazelnuts with Shell, and Hazelnut Shells.

GPR created a new technological process in hazelnut manufacturing and recently launched a new salty snack product of roasted and salted hazelnuts in shells for both Georgian and international markets. A 125 g packet costs 3-4 Lari, making it affordable for locals.

GPR is now attempting to sell its products in Georgia’s hypermarkets following its success in exporting abroad.

According to head of “Georgian Products Renaissance,” Temur Bolkvadze, they are planning on exporting around 440 tons of GPR products abroad.

“GPR was founded in 2013.This year the price of nuts was the highest on record and we were able to buy 1 kg nuts for 7 Lari from locals. There were several cases when the highest price for 1 kg nuts was 12 Lari,” Bolkvadze said.

Nino Ioseliani

10 July 2015 13:32