Dr. George Spreading the Gospel of Georgian Churchkhela

Dr. George Laboratory is a Georgian company that has opened a new window of opportunities for lovers of the sweet Georgian delicacy Churchkhela, producing entirely natural versions of it from high-quality wine varieties. Churchkhela is known as a perfect antioxidant and antiradiation for both adults and children. Known for its energy-building qualities, Churchkhela contains walnuts, grape juice and honey; the churchkhela also contains large amounts of natural vitamins, minerals, iron, which enriches the blood with oxygen. Moreover, as vitamin B stabilizes the nervous system, Churchkhela appears to be highly advisable for people engaged in mentally strenuous work, and/or spending a lot of time at the computer.

In addition, Dr. George is producing Georgian national spices, distinguished by their unique piquant taste making every food delicious and giving an exotic taste. “Georgian spices are the secret of Georgian cuisine” explains Maya Jajanashvili, one of the creators of Dr. George. The company is selling its products in European and American markets and has even sold its products through Amazon.com attracting a great deal of likes from international consumers, including Georgians living abroad. “Our product is in sterile hermetic packets sterilized in 140°C heat, so our products are absolutely defended from known microbiological problems.” explained Giorgi Khutsishvili, general manager of Dr. George.

Dr. George has its own unique recipe for producing natural, healthy and aromatic products and invites all the Embassies and foreign as well as domestic companies to include its traditional and unique products in their daily menu. The list of products are available at the company website: http://www.dr-george.ge/

23 July 2015 22:41