PASHA Bank Supports Summer Camp for Socially Vulnerable University Applicants

Dozens of socially vulnerable students across Georgia have been able to spend time at a special summer camp in beautiful seaside town Kobuleti thanks to the co-funding of PASHA Bank and the organization of the Bright Georgia foundation.

The educational experience was geared specifically towards university applicants from socially vulnerable groups.

The summer camp hosted 30 participants who were selected by Bright Georgia foundation from different regions of Georgia.

Successful applicants were then able to take part in a two-week preparatory intensive course for university entrance exams.

CEO of PASHA Bank, Shahin Mammadov: “Corporate Social Responsibility is very important to PASHA Bank. We have implemented several CSR activities over the previous years and we intend to continue doing so. We believe that such educational projects are extremely useful for the youth and their future. We hope that the knowledge that the applicants received at the Summer Camp will help them pass their exams with the desired results so that they continue their studies at different universities. We wish them success.”

Two-hour preparatory seminars were provided daily for Georgian and English language exams as well as tests for analytical skills. Mock tests were held for the applicants in order to prepare them for national exams.

The summer camp also hosted special guests who shared their success stories with the applicants, discussing with them the importance of hard work and education for achieving life goals. 

Famous Georgian artists also visited the summer camp and spent time with the participants.

23 July 2015 22:42