Technical Launch of Gardabani Combined Cycle Thermal Power Plant

The Partnership Fund, a state-owned shareholding company, has completed the construction of a 237 MW combined cycle thermal power plant in Gardabani, Kvemo Kartli region and organized a technical launch on July 22. The event was attended by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili, Minister of Energy, Kakha Kaladze, and Turkish Energy and Natural Resources Minister, Taner Yildiz.

The Plant was implemented with the goal to generate additional electricity and help reduce Georgia’s dependence on imported electricity in the winter by generating 1.6 billion kW per hour annually. Its productivity is almost double that of Georgia’s other gas-powered thermal power plants and is more economical. Should problems occur with the electricity supply in the country, the Plant will have a reserve capacity to supply Georgia’s energy grid for 25-30 minutes, guaranteeing the sustainability of the whole system.

“This will be the most reliable backup energy system, and will reinforce our energy security,” stated Irakli Kovzanadze, Executive Director of the Partnership Fund. “It is the first large-scale project implemented in the history of Independent Georgia,” he added.

The Plant was financed jointly by the Partnership Fund and its daughter company Georgian Oil and Gas Corporation (GOGC), while Celek Enerji, a Turkish energy company, was the constructor. The project, estimated at $231m, started in January 2014 and included technologies of General Electronic and Skoda.

Baia Dzagnidze

23 July 2015 22:44