The Shame of Georgian Dream: MP Confuses EBRD with a Brothel

Soso Jachvliani, an actor, director and Member of Parliament for Georgian Dream, embarrassed himself in a speech at parliament this week but certainly made all present laugh when he confused EBRD with a brothel. The abbreviation for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development” (EBRD) is spelled in Georgian as ‘ibiardi’, which is used in Georgian to refer to a brothel.

“MP Eka Kherkherulidze said a few months ago that a parliamentary session failed and quorum hadn’t been reached because I was at an ibiardi (EBRD)," Jachvliani said. "Why do you insult me, Ms Eka? I would never be at an ibiardi, I am a faithful husband. It was your team who went to this ibiardi ten years ago,” Jachvliani said.

In a Facebook post later, Vice Speaker of Parliament Manana Kobakhidze apologized to the people that she was unable to prevent Jachvliani's speech.

23 July 2015 23:55