Liv Warfield: Thrilling the Audience On and Off the Stage

The second concert of the Black Sea Jazz Festival 2015 was staged by Liv Warfield along with her band NPG HORNZ. Liv expressed great excitement toward Georgia and begged the organizers to bring her back again.

“I am so excited about being here tonight," Warfield told her enthralled audience. "Everyone has been treating me fantastically; superbly. I am so thankful to be here. I want to come back. I hope I will come back, please invite me again," said the 34 year-old artist.

George Kerselidze, Director of festival organizers Eastern Promotion, said they had been planning to bring Liv to Georgia for some years and were extremely glad to host her.

The highlight of yesterday's two-hour concert came in the middle- with Warfield coming down from the stage to mingle with fans. The end was no less surprising when she invited members of the audience to join her on stage and band members gave away their drumsticks.

Tonight Lisa Stansfield will be gracing the stage at the Batumi Tennis Club in the third concert of the Black Sea Jazz Festival 2015, sure to be another night of unforgettable moments. 

Photo of Liv Warfield by Meri Taliashvili/GT.

Meri Taliashvili

25 July 2015 18:19