Lisa Stansfield Rocks Batumi at the BSJF 2015

After a slight delay, Lisa Stansfield walked onto the stage to deliver the third concert of the Black Sea Jazz Festival 2015.  For the eager audience it was worth the wait. The 49 year-old artist sang for nearly two hours performing as many old hits as new. The concert was attended by Georgian government officials and other public figures.

The Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia, Mikheil Giorgadze, stressed the importance of participation of mega stars such as Lisa in the festival as it raises international awareness of Georgia.

The culmination of the festival is set to take place tonight with 42 year-old American singer of Hip-hop, funk, R&B and reggae, Snoop Dogg to close the festival.

The Black Sea Jazz Festival 2015 has stood out from prior festivals for its increased popularity and the participation of top level performers.

Meri Taliashvili

Photo shows Lisa Stansfield on stage at the Batumi Tennis Club, 27/07.2015 (taken Meri Taliashvili/GT)

26 July 2015 20:39