Snoop Dogg Wraps Up BSJF with a Bang

The last concert of BSJF 2015 saw the much anticipated Snoop Dogg hit the stage for a solo performance. It was by far the most crowded of the Black Sea Jazz Festival 2015 season.

The 42 year-old American singer of Hip-hop, funk, R&B and reggae performed several old favorites specially for the Georgians. Expectation was high and the audience sent out such a level of excitement that even the artist himself felt it enough to comment on:

“The audience was very active. From moment I came out on the stage I felt it and realized at once we would have a great evening. I hope that I brought my mood and energy closer to the listeners," the rapper said.

The American singer took Georgia as the first venue in Eastern Europe of those he will visit on a tour to popularize his new album.

Grab your copy of Georgia Today newspaper this week for a full round up of the 2015 Black Sea Jazz Festival.

Meri Taliashvili

Photo of Snoop Dogg at the BSJF 2015, by Meri Taliashvili/GT

27 July 2015 14:32