NEA: Dust Level in Capital above Norm in 81% of Samples

Earlier yesterday Tamar Bagratia, Head of the National Environmental Agency (NEA), at a meeting of environmental defense in Tbilisi Assembly, declared that Tbilisi’s atmosphere is heavily polluted by dust. According to Bagratia there are several stationary points around the city used to monitor air pollution: on Kvinitadze Street, and on Tsereteli and Moscow avenues.

“In the air we have found traces of Nitrogen Oxide, Sulphur Dioxide, carbonic acid and other ingredients typical of pollution,” Bagratia said. “Put simply, Tbilisi’s atmosphere is polluted by dust. According to the 2015 polltuion analysis, the level of dust is 81% above normal levels," Bagratia added.

She went on to point out that the same results have been shown in both Kutaisi, Georgia's second largest city after Tbilisi, and Rustavi. In her speech Bagratia said that the Japanese are helping Georgia to monitor changes and mentioned that more monitoring points are to be added within the next four years to enable a more detailed atmospheric analysis.

Nina Ioseliani

Photo: Tamar Bagratia, Head of the National Environmental Agency

28 July 2015 14:43