Ministry of Energy Denies Halt in Natural Gas Supply

The Ministry of Energy in Georgia have denied that natural gas supplies for Georgia will come to a stop in August. The information was being spread by media source Rusavi2 on July 27th.

“It is offensive and sorrowful when media sources spread such false information and make mistakes. Steps like these mislead the population instead of showing them objective information,” the ministry stated.

It was discovered on July 27th that the information on Rustavi2 was false yet despite numerous sources, including the Ministry of Energy and Socar Georgia Gas denying the information, Rustavi2 is continuing to spread the false rumours and some believe this is to deliberately mislead the public.

In a statement, the Ministry for Energy said: “On 27 July the Rustavi2 information about natural gas supply was declared false; a kind of misinformation. It’s insulting, especially for the Georgian government and Ministry of Energy. Despite the denial by the Ministry of Energy and the Socar Georgia Gas company about the statement, Rustavi2 still continues to spread the false information and mislead the Georgian people, while the Minister of Energy is open for all media sources to comment.”

According to the Ministry of Georgia the natural gas supply will not be stopped for people despite planned works on pipelines.

Rehabilitation of the “Shah Deniz” pipeline will continue from the 1st to 20th August and during that time residents will be supplied by the old “Kazakh” pipeline. And once work is complete then rehabilitation will begin on the Kazakh pipeline.

According to the Ministry of Energy, these rehabilitation works are planned every summer as a necessary guarantee that the pipeline will function well.

“It has never been an issue of debate before for either politicians or media sources. It’s quite interesting why the Rustavi2 spread such false information. We demand they stop discussing the information and check the Department of Public Relations before announcing such things to the public,” the Ministry of Energy said.

29 July 2015 13:20