MIA Publishes Latest Crime Statistics in Georgia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) published crime statistics for the January-June period for 2015 on July 27th. The statistics are comprised of the data provided by the Ministry as well as information collected from all investigative agencies throughout Georgia, who conduct investigations of the criminal cases according to their jurisdiction. In particular the Ministry of Internal Affairs, General Prosecutor’s Office, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Corrections.

According to the agencies, in June of 2015, 3089 criminal cases have been registered and from that 1386 cases were solved. The case-solving index is 44.87%. Compared to the same period of last year the number of crimes has decreased by -0.87%.

During the January-June period all investigative agencies registered 1734 crimes, with 9772 cases solved. The case solving index is 56.05%. Criminal cases have decreased by -4.93% compared to the same period of the previous year.

In accordance with the MIA territorial units, in June 2015, 2016 crime cases were registered according to their investigation jurisdiction. Of these 1203 cases were solved with a case-solving index of 59.67%. In comparison with the results from the same period last year the number of criminal cases have increased by +0.70%.

As the MIA explains, the increase in criminal cases comes from an increase in registered crimes for domestic violence and weapons charges (Article 126 prima domestic violence +87.23% and article 236 (Illicit Purchase, Keeping, Carrying, Production, Shipment, Transfer or Sale of Fire-Arms, Ammunition, Explosive Material or Explosive Devise) (+171.43%).

During the January-June 2015 period MIA territorial units registered 12’205 criminal cases and, according to their investigation jurisdictions, 8137 cases had been solved. The index of the solve cases is 66.67% and shows criminal cases decreased by -5.25% in comparison with the same period in the previous year. 

Nino Japarashvili

29 July 2015 15:43